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Why are Complete Security Systems Better than Camera Gadgets?

Complete Security Systems

Video surveillance is undoubtedly a very effective way to monitor your property. Especially so with the kind of advancements introduced in security camera technology. They can be very useful in deterring various crimes. However, you need to use them in a certain way to ensure their effectiveness. You can find camera gadgets as well as complete systems when it comes to security cameras.

Looking to get the most out of video surveillance technology? Then, you might want to go for a complete security camera system. Camera gadgets can offer you advanced functionality as well. But, they can’t measure up to a complete camera system.

The information given below should help you understand why a camera system is a better option.

Disadvantages of Using Camera Gadgets

A camera gadget might serve your requirements just fine in many cases. Moreover, it might also provide you with significant convenience. But, it still can’t match what a complete security camera system has to offer you. So, you must also consider the drawbacks of a camera gadget if you’re thinking of getting one.

Here are some of the main disadvantages that low-quality camera gadgets pose to their users:

Less Durable

Apart from other features, you’d also look for durability in your security camera. Especially so, if you’re buying them for outdoor use. In such cases, they should be able to withstand all weather conditions. Apart from that, they should have optimal protection from vandalism.

And, from what it seems, camera gadgets have comparably lower durability than complete systems. As a result, they also usually last for a shorter time than a security camera system. Further, this is undoubtedly among the most significant drawbacks of camera gadgets.

They Provide Lower Resolutions

Camera gadgets, in general, seem to offer lower resolution as compared to complete systems. So, this is yet another significant downside of using them. After all, you’d want the resolution to be as high as you can afford. And, only camera systems can offer you the highest resolutions that you can find out there.

Poor Video Quality in Low Light

You’d want your security camera to provide crystal clear images and video during nighttime as well. Now, many camera gadgets out there offer night vision functionality. But, they usually can’t offer you the quality of images that complete security systems do during nighttime. Moreover, their image quality also deteriorates when there’s low lighting. And, this is quite a significant disadvantage for many users.

Higher Number of Security Flaws

With the introduction of wireless functionality in security cameras, they’ve become vulnerable to cyber threats. Your security system might become a target for hackers anytime. So, it must have the optimal security measures against such threats.

Now, most camera gadgets might come with protection against hacking. But, from what it seems, they usually have flaws in their security measures. So, you might put your privacy at risk by using them.

They Might Use More Storage

This disadvantage mainly applies to low-end camera gadgets. As it happens, they come with outdated technology for compressing your video. So, they’re less capable of compressing the data in the storage. And, that means they might require a larger storage space than complete security systems.

Why Must You Opt for a Complete Security System?

Having seen the drawbacks of camera gadgets, it’s time to look at what complete systems offer you. Overall, they’re surely a better choice than camera gadgets. And, from what it seems, they come along with quite a lot of benefits.

Here are the main benefits for which you must opt for a complete security camera system:

They Can Integrate Many Cameras

Camera gadgets usually allow you to connect a minimal number of other cameras with them. Moreover, many of them even lack those facilities. With a system, you can set up multiple cameras around your home or business. So, they’re a better choice for monitoring large places. You can find security systems that let you integrate as many as 16 cameras.

Highly Customizable

You might want to make various customisations for your security cameras to increase their effectiveness. Now, not all cameras allow you the same level of customisation. You can make a few changes to camera gadgets. But, with a system, you can do pretty much anything to enhance its functioning. Moreover, that even includes integrating different types of cameras in the system. So, a complete system beats a camera gadget in this aspect as well.

Superior Resolution

As we’ve seen, camera gadgets don’t offer you the best resolution. So, to get that, you have to rely on a complete security system. In case you’re wondering, many of them offer you a resolution of 1080p or above. Some of the latest systems can provide you with a 4K Ultra HD video quality. That means you get a crystal clear view of faces, license plates, and other details.

Better Vandal-Proofing

You must always consider the vandalism protection feature of a security camera before choosing it. After all, it’s quite common for criminals to try and damage the camera. But, you need not worry if you get a good-quality security system. They always come with optimal protection against attempts to vandalise them.

Higher Mobile Integration

Camera gadgets have a significant disadvantage in this aspect. Most of the latest security cameras allow you to view footage on your mobile device. But, not all of them offer the same level of mobile integration after all. But, it’s just the opposite in the case of a complete system. You get a superior mobile integration with security systems as compared to camera gadgets.

How to Choose the Best Security Camera System?

As we’ve seen, complete systems are the best choice for video surveillance. But, not all of them would offer you the same kind of performance. And, for that, you need to consider their features before choosing a suitable one carefully. Also, you need to look for the one that best suits your needs. The list includes their video quality, design, night vision capabilities, and additional features, among other things.

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