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What are the Features of High-Profile Surveillance Cameras?

Surveillance Cameras

People are modifying technology for their advantage, and one such example is security cameras. There is no doubt that security cameras are very helpful and prevent damages. Moreover, criminals are more conscious and think twice before committing any crime, as they fear that they might get caught in the security camera. Further, it reduces risk and protects the property.

You get all types of cameras, be it indoor or outdoor. Small companies or big companies have installed security cameras to protect their surroundings. Security cameras are also used to keep an eye on the employees. There are so many incidents where the intruder was caught and punished.

Even on the crossing, they are installing security cameras to keep an eye on the safety measures of every individual. The manufacturers are also trying to incorporate new features to make it even better.

Here are some of the features that we will discuss to help you know more about the benefits of the surveillance camera.

Features of High Profile Surveillance Camera

There are some features of high profile security cameras that we will discuss over here. It’s obvious that you need the best security, whether it is for home or for business purposes. As security cameras are an excellent way to protect your property. Go through the list below:

1. Audio Facility

Mainly the security cameras are known for visuals. But, the audio facility is equally important. High profile or professional security cameras have different audio functions that make them a little better than the regular ones. There are mainly two ways you can add audio in the modified version – either listen-in, which means you can only hear the audio in a particular range or the audio speaker capability.

In the audio speaker function, you can listen and give instruction through the cameras that are installed. You can say the incorporated feature gives you another way to utilise your security camera. It can be very useful in monitoring and safety-related purposes. In certain situations, you might need to communicate with people. Thus, this feature is best to tackle such situations.

2. Night Vision

Particularly for business purposes, night security cameras are perfect. This will make sure to have an eye on the surroundings in the dark. This night vision will remove boundaries and will work in your favour. The modified version of night vision is the colour night vision. Now, you don’t have to view the grey footage. Rather you will view the high-quality colour night vision.

It helps to capture a broad spectrum. It won’t be similar to the data recording, but you will be able to witness the detailing of the recording. For example, you would be able to identify car colour, cloth colour of a person etc. Often it has been paired with infrared night vision, which makes it an amazing tool for use.

And, if you want a security camera for business purposes, then without colour night vision, you won’t be able to completely protect the business. Even it will be beneficial for indoor purposes. Further, you could easily identify the intruder.

3. Smart Recording

One of the amazing features of high profile security is that it can be recorded and played back. You can connect your security camera with any standard video recorder and watch the video recorded. This video recording will help you with video analytics, motion detection etc. Even if you want, you can playback the video recorded and skip the one that does not need reviewing.

This feature has proven to be very helpful. It will save power only by recording what is needed. Storage space on your hard drive will also be saved, and it will record the particular time that you need. There is no need to record the entire day and fill up the space.

4. Remote Viewing

In today’s high profile security cameras, remote viewing is gaining different levels of popularity. Through this feature, you will be able to view the live feed or the recorded footage directly on your cell phone. In an outdoor security camera, the remote viewing will connect the remote-controlled functions.

You just need to have a high-speed internet connection to view the situation remotely. With the high speed, you can directly view through apps or from a PC. Thus, you can smoothly monitor your property and your loved ones when you are away.

5. Weather Resistance and Vandal Resistance

Some of the security cameras are designed in such a way to make it weather resistant and vandal resistant. These types are best for outdoor installation. The lower quality security camera won’t be able to resist the weather or vandalism.

Thus, you need a high-quality security camera for outdoor installation. This ensures the reliability and proper functioning of the security camera. And, slowly these features are gaining popularity

6. Power Over Ethernet

The standard of high profile security cameras was set with the installation of Power Over Ethernet or PoE. If you are planning for installing a professional-grade security camera, then this technology is worth it. You just have to connect the camera with an ethernet cable.

This is the only way to receive electricity and data. You can place the camera anywhere you want, without worrying about the cables, running from the camera to the outlet.


So, these are some of the features of the high profile security camera. These features make the high profile different and better than the low-quality security camera. This will make it easier for you to select a security camera for professional purposes.

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