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What are the Factors to Consider While Selecting Security Cameras?

Selecting Security Cameras

We are in a tech era, where we trust devices and gadgets more than humans. And why not! The devices give 24×7 services. And, one such device is the security camera. The surveillance camera protects you from intruders hampering your property. It will make it difficult for someone who is trying to damage your property if there is a camera installed. It might not be able to stop the crime, but it will make sure that the crime is recorded and gets suitable punishment.

No matter big company or small or start-up, everyone installs a security camera for protection. It helps to prevent crimes and break-ins. Also, the employers can keep an eye on the employees about the activities happening. In a lot of houses, security cameras are installed for more safety.

Now, you can also see these cameras installed at the crossing to prevent any odd activities. But, while choosing security cameras, people often make mistakes. So, we will discuss some of the factors that you need to consider while selecting a security camera.

Tips to Consider while Selecting a Security Camera

Buying cameras after proper guidance is very important as some people tend to select the wrong surveillance. As the risk is rising, so surveillance security is also on-demand and gaining popularity.

Now, security cameras are implemented almost everywhere. So, we have discussed some points below that will help you to select the right security cameras.

1. Housing Type

First, make sure for what purpose you want the security cameras, whether it is for your company or for your house. As for the outdoor purpose, different types of cameras are installed and also, for indoor purposes, there are different cameras.

The dome style cameras are mainly for indoor use. This type of security camera is available in the market. Even the modified version, with new features, is becoming quite famous. The reviews are also good. This type of camera is quite good at hiding the lens, but the night vision is not up to the mark.

The vandal types are mentioned outdoors but are often used for indoor purposes. Because of the small size and low ceilings, these types of surveillance are accessible for indoor purposes as well. Other types like the bullet or the box types are best suited for outdoor purposes. The designs are solid and best fitted for harsh environments.

Different types of cameras are also there that are suitable for big areas, for small areas etc. Before buying the security cameras, go through this point and be very clear about the facts that you want.

2. Lens

Many people don’t pay much attention to the lens while purchasing the camera. If you are an online purchaser, then very rarely do people ask about the lenses. But, it is one of the crucial points that you need to check, as it captures the surroundings and detects the culprit.

The main thing you need to check is the distance it can cover, the area, the horizontal and the distance from the camera. So, it is a must to check the reviews of the lens and what type will be the best suited for your purpose.

There are manual and zoom lenses. And, the manual is used to set the motion, and then with the help of a zoom lens, you adjust the viewing area. Thus, making the view perfect and right for recording.

3. Resolution of the Camera

The resolution is the quality to measure the size and standard of the video and images. You just need to keep in mind that you should check the resolution before buying, as there are different types of resolutions standard.

For example, in the case of small images, the resolutions are also low, and large images have HD or high video quality. And, for medium-range, you can go for 3K that given a 5+ megapixel surveillance camera. Other choices can be 4k, which is 8 megapixels. Even the resolution is directly connected with the hard drive.

4. Night Vision

It’s obvious that you want a camera that gives a clear and proper visible view. Thus, check if night vision is installed in the security camera or not. Though recently, it has been seen that night vision has been installed in almost all security cameras. This build-in is one of the best features as the main focus of the security camera is to catch the intruder.

Crimes do not follow any fixed time, and it is just preparing for the future. You don’t need to change the settings from time to time. It will automatically switch from day to night vision; as soon the light level drops, it switches to night vision.

And, for describing the ultra low light colour, the term colour night vision is required. This will provide clear colour videos and images. Most cameras work so that, if the surrounding light, like the moonlight, etc., is not enough, it will automatically turn on the IR night vision. Thus, it is very important to select the right night vision.

5. Audio Testing

For better observation, audio incorporation is very much essential. In most cameras, manufacturers are integrating audio for the effective functioning of the surveillance camera. It will help in hearing the conversation of the people. Thus, make sure that you have proper proof and recording of any particular incident. Not only that, it will make the security measures more strong. Thus, before buying, go through the manual and check the details of the camera.

6. Video Recording

It is very important that the video recording has good standards so that the record will be smooth and clear. Thus, make sure the recording quality is good and is located at the right position. This will make sure that the clear recording will detect the intruder.

7. Motion and Audio Detector

Manufacturers are trying their best to make it more powerful so that it can serve the best security. Motion sensors and audio sensors make the security more strong. The CCTV after detection will send an alert to the owner by notifying through apps. Though this feature is not popular in some countries due to its high price. The start-up companies can’t really afford the security camera.


So, this was all about the factors or the points that will help you to select a good security camera. Other points like – the installation process and the setup or the waterproof facility etc., are also very important. But, these 7 points are mandatory. So, check the manual, if all the facilities are incorporated or not, and then purchase the camera.

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