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What are the Essential Features in the Best Outdoor IP Cameras?

Outdoor IP Cameras

Traditional video surveillance systems use quite a lot of cables and wires for functioning. As a result, they often make your home or workplace look messy. IP cameras fix that issue by using significantly fewer cables. They use an internet connection to send the footage they capture to your phone or monitor.

You’ll find many good options out there when it comes to IP cameras. Now, you’d want to find the best one among them that you can afford. In that case, you must look for certain features in the products. The ones we’ve mentioned below are the most important ones that you must consider.

Common Features You Get in the Best Outdoor IP Security Cameras

The latest outdoor security systems offer you a wide range of useful features. Moreover, it’s not easy to find the product that best suits your needs. But, you can make that a bit simpler by looking for certain essential features.

Here are some features that you should find in the best outdoor IP security systems out there:

1. Good Weatherproofing

Your outdoor security system has to function through all types of weather conditions throughout the year. Now, water and dust can damage your security system more than you might think. But, it won’t be affected by them as long as it features optimal protection. Also, this is an essential feature that all outdoor security cameras should have.

So, make sure whether an outdoor IP camera has enough weatherproofing before you buy it. This will help you find a durable and long-lasting model among all the options available.

2. Protection from Vandalism

Security cameras can become a target of vandalism under various circumstances. However, the best outdoor IP security cameras won’t be affected much by that. After all, they feature optimal protective measures to prevent any damage caused to them. So, this is yet another distinguishing feature of the best security cameras in the market.

You must note that indoor security cameras can also become targets of vandalism. So, this feature is essential in both indoor and outdoor IP cameras. Apart from that, the location of the camera also plays a crucial role in its safety.

3. Large Field of View

You have a larger area to cover outdoors than indoors. So, your outdoor IP camera should have a large enough field of view. Now, there are many options you can choose from when it comes to this aspect.

What fields of view should you look for in an outdoor security camera? In case you’re wondering, many of the latest models offer more than a 110-degree view. You can get them at a reasonable price online.

In any case, the larger the field of view, the better. After all, that helps you to minimise the area of the blind spots.

4. Premium Night Vision Capabilities

Most of the latest IP camera models come with night vision capabilities. However, not all of them perform equally well. So, you must compare their night vision capabilities well before choosing them. Now, you’d probably face more security threats when it’s dark. So, night vision is a crucial feature of IP security cameras. And, the best products in the market would always include optimal night vision capabilities.

5. High Resolution

You’ll find many options out there when it comes to the resolution. Most of the latest models even offer you a 4K Ultra HD video quality. But, the best IP cameras are those that offer a high resolution. These are the best IP cameras you can find in the market right now. They feature sensors to enhance the image resolution. Moreover, they also have a significantly high zooming capacity. As a result, you can get crystal-clear views of license plates, faces, and other details. 

6. Latest Video Encoding Technology

The video encoding technology of an IP security camera is more significant than you might think. After all, it’s responsible for compressing the video and making it smaller in size. Apart from that, it also makes the video compatible with various platforms. So, the best IP cameras out there would surely feature the latest video encoding technology. 

7. Ease of Installation and Use

If an IP security camera is listed among the best, then it’s probably easy to install and use. After all, it wouldn’t have been rated at the top of the list of products otherwise. So, you must look for this feature while buying an IP security camera. Many models out there even allow you to proceed with the installation all by yourself.

Other Features You Might Want in Your IP Camera

The best IP cameras should essentially have the features mentioned earlier. But, you can also look for a few more that enhance your security system’s performance – including wireless functionality, remote access, cloud backup, speakers, and motion sensors, among other things.

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