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Important Facts You Must Know About Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most effective ways to protect your house or business. People are increasingly using them in places where there are rising security threats. Apart from indoors, you can also place security cameras outdoors to monitor your surroundings. So, you might want to consider getting an exterior security system for your home or business.

Now, there are certain things that you must know about outdoor security cameras before getting them. Here, we’ve tried to cover the aspects that you need to know about their functioning and other aspects.

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Security Camera?

You might give more importance to monitoring the indoor premises of your home or office. But, your security measures are incomplete unless you monitor the outdoors as well. Moreover, you might even come across situations where you’ll regret not installing an outdoor security camera. So, you must consider getting an outdoor security system for your property. Also, make sure to get the best one that you can find within your budget.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Security Camera

To understand the importance of outdoor security systems, you must know what it offers you. Here are some of the main benefits you’ll get from them:

Helps You Monitor the Outdoors

This is the biggest reason to use an outdoor security camera. After all, you must also have a view of what’s going on around your property. And, that can help you deter many crimes that might occur there.

Enhances the Security of Your Home

Outdoor cameras are essential for homes than workplaces. You can set them up to provide another layer of security to your home. Also, to ensure maximum effectiveness, you need to place it at a proper location. 

Deters Vehicle Theft

Do you have vehicles parked outside the premises? Then, install an outdoor security system as soon as possible if you haven’t. You surely won’t regret doing that as it can effectively deter vehicle thefts.

Deters Intruders

There are rising concerns about home intruders in many places. However, there are effective ways to deter this threat. And, using an outdoor security camera is probably the most effective one among them.

How Does an Outdoor Security System Work?

Earlier, outdoor security cameras used to have a feature that required a cabled power supply. But, the latest models come with wireless functionality. They’re usually battery-powered and connected over Wi-Fi.

Moreover, you can access their footage from anywhere on your smartphone. And, the prominent manufacturers usually provide you with client software for that. Apart from that, you can also use third-party software to view the images. However, many experts advise you to stick to the manufacturer’s app.

Now, many people might prefer using a traditional cable-connected outdoor security system. In that case, there are many viable options available in the market. Also, you must choose one that’s considerably easy to install and use.

Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to designs, you can divide outdoor security cameras into dome and bullet. So, what are the differences between the two? In case you’re wondering, the difference lies deeper than the design. So, you must consider your requirements before choosing between dome and bullet cameras.

Field of Vision

Want to capture pretty much everything around the camera? Then, you must go for a dome camera. After all, they feature wide-angle lenses to capture a large area. So, bullet cameras always have a comparably smaller field of vision than dome cameras.

Ease of Installation

Looking for ease in setting up the system? Then, you might want to go for a bullet camera. You can install bullet cameras pretty much anywhere you want to. At the same time, you need to find a flat surface for installing dome cameras.


Owing to their design, you can’t tell where a dome camera is pointing. While it’s the opposite in the case of a bullet camera. So, when it comes to discretion, dome cameras are always the better choice based on your requirement.

Vandalism Resistance

Criminals might often try to damage your outdoor security camera. In such cases, they can damage a bullet camera more easily. It’s not easy to damage the lens of dome cameras due to their design. So, you must opt for a dome camera if you want higher vandal-proofing.

What Should You Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera?

Regardless of your requirements, here are some essential features you must look for in an outdoor security camera:


Weatherproofing is probably the most important one among them. After all, your security camera would need to withstand all types of weather conditions. And, it can’t do so effectively unless it has the optimal weatherproofing. So, this is an important consideration to keep in mind while buying an outdoor security camera.

Night Vision Capabilities

The latest security cameras usually come with night vision capabilities. You might want to buy one of these to secure your property during nighttime. After all, there may not always be sufficient lighting in the area you want to capture.

Optimal Field of View

Not all security cameras would offer you the same field of view. So, you must make sure that the one you choose covers an area that suits your requirements. Usually, you’d want a minimum 140-degree field of view in an outdoor security camera. In any case, you’ll find many suitable choices for all types of requirements.

Motion Sensor

The latest security cameras offer various new and advanced features and functionality. And, motion sensing is a very significant one among them. It increases the effectiveness of your security system significantly. So, you must look for a camera that has motion sensors.

Choose the Best Outdoor Security Camera for Your Requirements

Are you going to buy a new outdoor CCTV camera? Then, make sure of the purpose of the security camera first and clear your doubts about why you intend to install them. That would help you find the one that suits your needs the most. You can choose between black and white or colour CCTV cameras. Apart from that, you must also consider the video quality and design, among other things.

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