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How Do You Identify a Good Quality Security Camera?

Good Quality Security Camera

Surveillance technology has advanced quite a lot within a significantly short time. Pretty much all of the latest prominent CCTV brands offer you very advanced functionality. But, not all of them can offer you an equally good performance or quality after all. Moreover, you have many options to choose from when it comes to a good quality security camera.

So, how do you make sure whether a CCTV camera offers you good quality? In case you’re wondering, you can do that by looking for certain signs and features. And, for your convenience, we’ve mentioned the most important signs of a good quality security camera below.

8 Signs that Indicate a Good Quality CCTV Camera in 2021

A good quality camera would always provide you with certain features and offer high-end functions. Here are some features which are essentially present in all good quality CCTV systems:

High-Quality Video

Image quality is the most important aspect of a security system. The latest models offer you much clearer images than the earlier models did. But, their video resolution might differ significantly from each other. So, you can find CCTV systems with a wide range of resolutions out there. Now, you’d surely want a camera that offers you a crystal clear view.

Many security systems out there offer you 1080p video quality or more. These help you to capture faces, clothes, license plates and other details. So, they’re the best security cameras that you’ll find out there.

Captures a Large Area

You might need to use security cameras indoors or outdoors. In either case, you’d want to capture a certain area with the minimum range. Now, there will always be blind spots, regardless of the camera you’re using. But, you’d want to minimise their area as much as possible. So, a good security camera covers a large area that would be enough for your requirement. And, for that, it must feature a wide-angle lens.

But, how much area should a CCTV system capture? In case you’re wondering, that depends mainly on whether you’re placing it indoors or outdoors. In the former case, you’d have a comparably smaller area to capture. While in the latter case, you have to capture quite a large area. 

Optimal Night-Vision Capability 

You’d probably want to keep a watch on your premises during the night as well. After all, that’s when security threats are at their highest. Many CCTV systems available out there have night vision capability. They allow surveillance of your business premises or house when it’s dark. But, not all of them might perform that function equally well.

A good-quality CCTV camera would always offer you powerful night vision capabilities. It should offer a vision as clear during the night as during the day. Also, it should capture up to a considerable distance during the night. However, CCTV systems usually cover comparably smaller distances in the dark. 

Weather Protection

You’ll find many CCTV models from various brands made for outdoor use. Now, there are some essential features that an outdoor security camera should have. And, weather protection is the chief one among them. After all, your outdoor CCTV camera has to withstand all types of weather conditions. And, it can’t do so without some special features on it, to protect it from the environment.

So, proper weather protection is always a crucial feature for an outdoor CCTV camera. And, all the popularly used models usually have that. Regardless, you should always look for this feature while buying an outdoor security camera. 

Vandalism Protection

CCTV cameras are mainly meant to deter crimes, and they can’t stop them. Thus, criminals might try to damage your security cameras so that there’s no evidence. After that, they can easily proceed with their intentions. In this situation, a security camera should have optimal protection against vandalism. If it doesn’t, then that can considerably reduce its effectiveness.

Vandalism protection can make a significant difference to your CCTV camera. Moreover, pretty much all good-quality security cameras would include this feature. So, this is yet another sign that you’d look for in a good security camera. 

Integrated Motion Sensor

The latest CCTV systems do more than just capture high-quality footage. Many of them can also detect motion within their field of vision. And, for that, they feature motion sensors that you can enable or disable. Most prominent CCTV brands are increasingly including this feature in their products. Also, from what it seems, it’s becoming an essential feature for security cameras.

Now, you’d surely want motion sensors in your CCTV camera. After all, it increases the effectiveness of your surveillance system by multiple times. And, the best security cameras out there usually come with this feature. 

Long Warranty Period

Good quality products always come with a considerably long warranty period. And, this applies to security cameras as well. If the camera is of a good-quality, the manufacturers will offer a comparably long warranty period. So, you’d find leading CCTV brands offering warranty periods of as long as 3 years with their products. Further, you can be sure that their CCTV systems would last quite a long time. 

Ease of Use

You might look for various features based on your requirements in a CCTV camera. And, that would probably include ease of use, as it’s quite an important feature in security systems. After all, security cameras are complex devices. Also, most users won’t be comfortable with using a CCTV camera that has complicated controls.

Apart from controlling the device, you’d also want ease in setting it up. And, many good options out there provide you with that as well. Also, from what it seems, the best security cameras are usually quite easy to set up and can be accessed through mobile phones as well.

Look for a Good Value for Money Security Camera

The aforementioned signs aren’t the only ones you’ll find in good-quality security cameras. So, you can look for some more as well but the points mentioned above should be considered a basic requirement. The most important among them is the value that the product offers you for your money. After all, you can’t be satisfied with its quality unless it provides what you paid for. So, do not settle for less.

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