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Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the most popular residential communities in Dubai. It contains the renowned companies of Dubai. You will even find restaurants, cafes and shopping complexes in JBR. And, in all these places, CCTV is installed to secure the premises. Though, a high-end CCTV can last up to 3-4 years. But an unwanted electrical surge can make this security device defective. In certain instances, you will need a professional to fix the CCTV. Simply, join hands with CCTV Repair. 


We are a leading CCTV repair JBR company. Our professionals strive to offer best-in-class services to our customers. Moreover, we have teamed up with professionals who are certified and vetted. Be it a wired or wireless security system, we can fix everything. Mention the brand of the CCTV and repair it within minutes. Don’t forget to mention its model while hiring our experts. Then, we will connect you with the professional who is best suited for the repair job.

A Broad Range of CCTV Repair JBR Services, We Offer:

Are you dealing with a faulty CCTV camera? Contact our CCTV repair JBR services expert, beforehand. We will help you to overcome the complicated CCTV errors. Moreover, we have sheer knowledge in repairing the different types of CCTVs. Whether you are getting connectivity issues or need to repair the lenses, we are there to assist. 

Additionally, our CCTV repair JBR professional has years of experience in this field. More than 1000+ customers rely on us to get guaranteed solutions. So, visit our website and book our affordable CCTV repair services now. But before that, take a look at the CCTV issues we can handle efficiently:

Discolouration issues

IP cameras are more susceptible to discolouration issues. Usually, when the camera is exposed to the sunlight, then this problem takes place. Even a defective IR filter can also lead to this critical error. And, resolving this discolouration problem might be cumbersome. But there is nothing to fret over when our CCTV repair JBR experts are here. We have resolved this problem from 20+ CCTVs. So, you can count on us anytime, if you see no colours on the camera screen. 

Horizontal Lines on the Camera Screen

Did you notice multi-coloured lines on the CCTV screen? Then, it might be because of the electrical interference. Moreover, when the light source directly falls over the screen, it can cause this problem. Our CCTV repair JBR experts have extensive skills in eliminating this CCTV glitch. Reach out to us and retain the functionality of the CCTV easily.

Additional CCTV Issues, We Deal with:

At CCTV Repair, we can resolve a few more major security system problems. If the CCTV’s screen is flickering, let us know. We will help you to get rid of that issue with our immense expertise. Additionally, our experts have the calibre to fix the noisy CCTV footage. So, engage with us and improve the video clarity with our on-site assistance. 

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our CCTV Repair JBR Services Experts?

CCTV Repair has achieved a 100% success rate in repairing the malfunctioned CCTVs. Moreover, we have set a benchmark for offering on-time support. Our CCTV repair JBR experts use advanced methods to repair the devices. And, all the repair works are performed undertaking the lab facilities. We offer OEM parts of the CCTV to the residents of JBR. So, don’t wait! Spend a few AEDs and improve the performance of the old-new CCTVs.

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