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Al Jaddaf is largely known for housing affordable apartments and hotels. More than 2990 people reside here to avail the benefits of local amenities. Moreover, the essential business centres of Dubai are located in Al Jaddaf. To keep the home secure from potential vulnerabilities, residents had installed CCTVs. More than 50% of organisations are using security cameras to prevent theft/burglary. However, these surveillance systems can stop functioning due to extreme dust exposure. What are you going to do if the CCTV stops responding at the moment of crime? Do you know how to fix a faulty CCTV camera? No! Then, contact CCTV Repair for an instant recovery solution. 

We have joined hands with top-ranked technicians who can repair every type of CCTV. Starting from lenses to monitors, our experts can repair everything. Moreover, we understand the importance of CCTV in deterring crimes in the workplace. Thus, our experts repair the complicated CCTV issues within a stipulated time. Mention the CCTV brand and model and fix the dysfunctional CCTV now. 

A-List of CCTV Repair Al Jaddaf Services, We Offer:

Unable to access the video footage? Getting discoloured images or lines in the CCTV videos? Get in touch with us to overcome these CCTV issues immediately. Don’t try any DIY hacks that can make the damage unpreventable. Instead, hire our CCTV Repair Al Jaddaf experts and get the ultimate solution. 

More than 1000+ Al Jadaff residents rely on us when it comes to repairing CCTVs. Be it a dome or IP camera, our professional can repair faulty parts from every CCTV. Moreover, we have the immense expertise to recover issues from AI-powered cameras. Our CCTV repair Al Jaddaf service specialists are available round the clock to help you. Here is the list of the CCTV glitches we have so far deal with:

Faulty DVR

Did the malfunctioned DVR cause hindrance in video recording? Then, it calls for an immediate intervention of our professionals. Usually, due to misconfiguration, or sudden wear and tear in DVR, this issue might pop up. In certain instances, even if the CCTV will function properly, the DVR won’t. Our team of CCTV repair Al Jaddaf experts examines the source of the problem first. After the inspection, we will install an advanced DVR box, if required.

Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, the CCTV camera might fail to connect with the mobile application. Usually, poor internet strength is the prime cause behind such an occurrence. But there can be other reasons as well. You can get connectivity issues for installing an incompatible mobile application. Our professional will check the network ports as well to resolve this problem. Join us and fix the faulty camera within minutes. 

Additional CCTV Repair Al Jaddaf Services, the CCTV Repair Provides:

Hold on! That’s not the end! CCTV Repair became a leading company for mitigating a few more CCTV requirements. Did the security camera provide low-quality pictures? Is it showing a black screen? Or do you need help in fixing the video signal of the c-mount camera? Book an appointment with us – we can repair both indoor and outdoor cameras. And, here is the list of the CCTV brands, our CCTV Al Jaddaf experts have repaired faulty parts from:

  • TVT
  • Dahua
  • Panasonic
  • CP Plus
  • Hikvision
  • Samsung
  • Godrej and other renowned brands

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our CCTV Repair Al Jaddaf Services Experts?

CCTV Repair has received positive feedback from customers after repairing their devices. We have gained our client’s trust by offering guaranteed and original CCTV parts. Our experts use advanced tools and equipment while replacing faulty CCTV parts. Why spend 1000 AEDs, when you can get affordable service deals from us. 

Veteran and Competent CCTV Repair Al Jaddaf Experts are a Call Away!


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