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Abu Dhabi has acquired massive recognition for owning the top-rated business sectors of Dubai. A large number of people have shifted here to explore different business opportunities. Starting from a restaurant to luxurious apartments to tourist attractions, you will get everything in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, more than half of the population here are involved in petroleum/natural gas export companies. For securing these organisations from burglary, it becomes important to install CCTV cameras. Also, you will find high-end security cameras in the residential sectors as well. 

Though nowadays most video surveillance systems require less maintenance. But due to constant usage, this electric-driven device can break down easily. Sometimes, for a sudden power surge, the CCTV cameras can stop responding. In certain circumstances, consider contacting CCTV Repair; we are a leading company in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, we have teamed up with top-ranked technicians who can resolve very CCTV related-issues. Our team of professionals have years of experience in repairing the different CCTVs. So, mention the device’s model number and the problem, we will be there to fix it. 

Broad Spectrum of CCTV Repair Abu Dhabi Services, We Offer:

Are you unable to get a clear picture in the video surveillance camera? Having problems accessing this device remotely? Don’t try to fix such critical issues with DIY solutions; that won’t work. Instead, get in touch with CCTV Repair and get the ultimate solution from experienced technicians. Whether you have a dome, bullet or wireless camera, we can repair everything. But before proceeding to the repair part, our professional team will undergo an in-depth inspection. 

After finding the source of the problem, then only we will either repair or replace the defective CCTV parts. Do you want to know which sort of technical issues we can fix from a security camera? Here we have enlisted the type of CCTV problem our professionals can efficiently deal with:

Black-and-White Images

When you notice black and white footage in the CCTV camera, it calls for immediate professional intervention. Usually, you will get this issue in the coloured security cameras for improper configuration. Thus, our CCTV repair Abu Dhabi expert’s prime responsibility goes to check the device’s ambient lighting level. Also, we will check whether the optical path of the CCTV camera hasn’t been damaged and is obstruction-free. 

Horizontal Lines 

Horizontal lines in the CCTV camera makes it difficult to monitor suspicious activities. Thus, when you notice such an issue, consider scheduling an appointment with our skilled technicians. We make sure the device isn’t in direct contact with any light source to fix this use. Even using low-quality cameras can cause this complicated problem. Our professionals will replace the power cables if required. 

Additional CCTV Repair Abu Dhabi Services, CCTV Repair Provides:

Along with this, CCTV Repair also offers 10+ repair services in the commercial and residential sectors of Abu Dhabi. You will get on-site assistance in repairing or replacing the following CCTV parts:

  • Video recorder replacement/repair services
  • Display unit replacement or repair services
  • Storage unit repair or replacement services
  • Broken camera lenses replacement services

We have become the epitome of success by repairing the problems from these below-mentioned CCTV brands:


  • Samsung
  • D-Link
  • CP Plus
  • GeoVision
  • Infinique
  • Aventure 
  • Mobotix and other renowned brands

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our CCTV Repair Abu Dhabi Experts?

CCTV Repair has gained immense positive responses from the residents of Abu Dhabi for offering impeccable services. We understand the importance of a high-functioning security camera in a workplace or home. Thus, our professionals are available round the clock to help you out in your time of need. Furthermore, being an eminent CCTV repair company, we only provide authentic and guaranteed parts. So, search “CCTV repair Abu Dhabi ” and join hands with the best technicians and fix the intricate problems. 

Reach out to the Competent CCTV Repair Abu Dhabi Experts:

Unable to book our CCTV repair services? Feel free to contact us and get detailed information about the booking process. You can also clear the service-related queries from our customer service executives.

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